Thursday, July 26, 2007


Anonymous said...
Speaking of City Council hearings didn't Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle promise open and televised council hearings/meetings?

When and where are the Chicago City Council hearings going to be broadcast?

Perfect timing poster, blends in well with the story below changing city patches, flags, etc. to five stars. Lets start calling all of them, Chicago's finest and making them accountable to the public trust for a real change.....

During the campaign, del Valle pledged streaming video of City Council meetings over the Web.
"With your support, we will open up city government and make it much more transparent," del Valle said in his acceptance speech

Mayor Daley's hand-picked city clerk, Miguel del Valle, didn't get as many votes as his sponsor but still was the choice of the people on Election Day.

Del Valle also has ties to Victor Reyes, head of the Hispanic Democratic Organization, a pro-Daley group under investigation by federal authorities for allegedly rigging city hiring.