Thursday, July 26, 2007


Were on a rant this morning, now its past noon:

If Daley, Burke and City Council get their BELOVED Olympics and pull this off, we all should receive and not have to pay for any new garments, 1st round city. Which ends up costing thousands and thousands of tax payer dollars. We know your laughing.

For us this may very well be an example, of how the city agrees to provide in a contract and then finds a way to take it back, through wink, wink. Why do we feel this way? Because either, new uniform garments or numerous apparel patches will have to be replaced in the thousands. Is the FOP, already anticipating for a possible allotment increase in our new contract, yep.......Does it mean a new uniform, not necessarily.........
Everyone should continue wearing all garments with their 4 star patches, till they completely shred and fall apart. Ah, that won't work, for either public appearance or inspections, let alone the pride of a professional officer and city employee. Get ready for the insanity uniform patch exchange errand, when and if we get the Olympics.

It looks like all of us, are going to be spending a whole lot of consuming time, trying to find an available uniform store. Regardless of the time allotted by council. Just so we can begin the inane process, of taking all those uniform garments in, just to have the patches removed and then replaced again? Maybe city council in its infinite wisdom, will come up with a one single star patch. Then you can still take all your garments, for just a solo star replacement? Lets think here, mileage, gas, anticipated other costs, plus down and waiting time, in the thousands. Get in early stand in line, or come back? How many uniform stores are actually available to us out there? Few and far in between, and their small with few employee's! Oh well, that's a personal problem for only thousands of numerous city employees. Our personal costs and time should be factored in as well, our opinion. This won't be either tax payer cheap or a timely quick task. Hey, maybe a new chain of stores will pop up? Drive in Patch Replacement Shop, "You drop we Flop."
"Burke hasn't thought through all the logistics", an understatement. No kidding! The article is only mentioning flags and private owners. Ummmm, that's us! Once the patch is placed on the garment, its yours. What does that say? Maybe a new uniform change, naw? This brain storm idea is a waste of tax payer dollars. Were Wondering what the patches cost the city and who has the contract? This continual head over heels, nonsense for the over-salivating anticipation of an Olympic game, is now way out of control and plain border line silly. This is what City Council voted themselves raises for, these continual types of ill thought out goof ball ideas? In our opinion, the one star addition idea, does not hold up muster for more spending of unnecessary tax dollars. Nor does it compare, to what was cited by CBS2 and printed below: Yep, we know the Olympics anticipated big income generating revenue, will really pay for this added fiasco. Don't believe or count on it.

Many of you already know what the four stars happen to represent. For those of you who don't, read on.

All four stars commemorate momentous events or places in Chicago history. They honor Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire, the Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933-34.representation.

Ald. Edward M. Burke (14th) has a resolution pending that calls for a fifth star to be added to the Chicago flag in 2009 should the city win the right to host the Summer Games.

It would be the first change to the flag since 1939, when a fourth star was added in recognition of Fort Dearborn. The flag, designed by poet Wallace Rice, has been in use since 1917.

Burke hasn’t thought through all the logistics -- like the cost to replace flags at government buildings and how much time private owners would have to purchase new ones.