Sunday, February 18, 2007



Looks like the Central US Post Office in the highly contested ward where Alderwoman Haithcock sits has a way to determine whether your organization, league, group or clout is deserving of a type of mail service many have never heard of. The Chicago Post Office aka U.S. Postal Service at least in Haithcocks ward is able to determine your company, group, org, league and or committees standing.

In the above scenario it appears the Chicago Post Office is now able to designate a
(QUALIFIED CAMPAIGN or not) to determine the speed and treatment of your mail? It's also mentioned that Alderwoman Haithcocks husband spent 41 years with the Post Office prior to his retirement, not that it means much at least not in Chicago's political acrobat arena of twirls, flips and dives. Do you think Pony Express would have served them better?

Also located in her ward is the central post office, which is where Brown of the Suntimes contacted Chicago District spokesman Mark Reynolds.

Reynolds explained that the union's brochures were not eligible for the expedited treatment afforded political mailings because it is not a qualified campaign committee under the Postal Service's guidelines, and therefore was treated as standard mail, which is not considered time sensitive. He said the union's mailing should start reaching homes this weekend.

The hotel workers union, which is conducting the campaign through its Unite HERE political action fund, is not supporting any candidate in the 2nd Ward but is opposing Haithcock because of displeasure over her dealings with strikers at the Congress Hotel, which is located in her ward.
And this being Chicago politics, there naturally are those who believe somebody is intentionally messing with their campaign, that even though the U.S. Postal Service is a civil service bureaucracy ostensibly beyond the reach of politics, that there are nevertheless those whose personal relationships enable them to penetrate the mail system.,CST-NWS-brown18.article