Monday, February 19, 2007


This story is amusing its about a guy who has his nice size stash 32 pounds of marijuana and known by numerous names like cannabis, herb, pot, grass, reefer and the olden Goldie Maryjane sent via UPS to his residence for a personal signature upon delivery. Not the brightest bulb idea but when the goin gets rough the rough get goin, to court. He was held up on a 15,000.00 bond for 5000 grams.

Seems the pooch nailed him with a sniff and wag at a Chicago UPS facility. Then the police applied the many uniforms they wear not shown in YMCA, YMCA young man there's no need to feel down........ and delivered the hefty stash contents doing a fine UPS job of awaiting the signature. Someone needs to remind this puffer that Illinois and home town Chicago is not California and he will have a difficult time explaining and pleading his way around 32 pounds. If he pleads personal medicinal purpose we would have to say, Jeranda Lloyd, 45, of the 900 block of North Massasoit Avenue. That is one huge whopper, bomber or stogie for what ails ya. YMCA........