Sunday, February 11, 2007


Three Street and Sanitation tow trucks managed to be taken from what we assumed would be a secured fenced lot. Were not sure if the lot was just secured by a pad lock or if by chance there were cameras somewhere within or about the city facility with the expensive equipment? We can visualize the auto thieves first breaking the fence lock if there was one or having a key? Then entering the city lot creeping along with jingling keys for not one but three tow trucks then riding off into the sunrise. Are we to think and be led to believe these vehicles were hot wired? In the meantime the last word, the city has no clue where these vehicles are. In the meantime Streets and Sans is STUCK on mum is the word and its a police matter. We must have missed this flash and alert look out.

February 11, 2007
City tow trucks stolen The Chicago Bears weren't the only ones who got robbed Super Bowl Sunday. Chicago Police are trying to locate three city tow trucks that were stolen from a fenced lot at 940 S. Exchange on Feb. 4. The trucks belonged to the city's Streets and Sanitation Department.

Then we have the below story on tow companies and Lt Governor Quinn and how some tow drivers act in a very questionable mode of operation of ripping off citizens and Chicago tourist. Quinn is finding fault with not only Daley but CPD as well, he wants to know what happened with Serve and Protect at accident scenes?

"The towing operators who monitor police calls, arrive at an accident site and promise to tow the wrecked car to the location of the driver's choice. Instead, they take the broken-down vehicle to a private storage lot and then demand $1,000 or more in cash to release it." Our version is the thieving tow driver swoops in like a vulture preying on a dying carcass to assist you? You tell them where you want your vehicle towed and its even written on the receipt except, your vehicle is going to be dragged to an unknown storage lot now is that not service with a smile?

What we get, your vehicle is in need of repairs you want it fixed but before this can happen a second tow driver then has to be dispatched to retrieve your vehicle but the company affiliated with the originating vulture tow driver, will not allow the second driver onto the lot where the vehicle is stored for a quick hook and tow. Instead the second tow driver has to hook up with the first vulture at some off street location, who knows where and pay close to $1000.00 to obtain the vehicle back. This fee is probably paid by your insurance company that is if you or the other party have timely cooperating Insurance companies, tongue in cheek. Now if you only have liability coverage that fee is going to be paid by you and were sure it drives our insurance rates up. Factoring in any additional damage to your vehicle that may be incurred which your probably unaware of due to improper towing. There are vehicles which do require flat bed tows as not to damage the vehicle and we highly doubt vulture tow drivers and their companies are concerned with this damaging factor.
What we know tow drivers and their companies are suppose to be licensed by the State and any vehicle being towed within Chicago by a driver is to prior notify CPD Hot Desk of the pull. The problem the tow drivers get away without calling. Drivers will lie and falsify their information on the CPD call in. They also move about from company to company after being disciplined by the State or after attempts to discipline them and CPD does not keep nor have updated lists of all towing companies in operation. Many tow drivers and companies due to discipline and fining factors for multitudes of violations are also fly by nights. Unfortunately with all the technological advancements the city always promotes along with our state of art facilities and computer programs? We simply do not have this current capability to enforce these types of towing issues.
We have advanced so far ahead were currently backwards.