Monday, February 12, 2007


4th UPDATE: 13 Feb,CST-NWS-cop13.article

3rd UPDATE: 1:30 AM

Gun still holstered and Officer Vasquez's wallet and cell phone are missing. It now appears robbery may have been the motive, prior cases which the officer worked on are also being reviewed. The part time job was with the Gas company.
FOP has related $21,000.-- for assistance in the capture of the Offender.
Vasquez was going to be moved from SOS to the Swat team prior to this tragedy.,0,2685908.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Officer Vasquez worked in SOS/Special Operations Section, there is a $1000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest of the offender by Crime stoppers. Offender is considered armed and dangerous. Please contact the listed numbers with any information which might assist in the capture of the offender.
1-800-535-STOP or 311. Citizens are reminded do not attempt to capture/hold or detain please contact the police immediately 911 can also be utilized for leads.

Officer Vasquez was coming home from a secondary job and had picked up food for his family when he was shot in the rear of his residence. There is very little current info. as to what may have occurred. Channel 5 is saying police responded to a call, sound of gunshots. The Officer was not robbed according to the Cline and it appeared the wound was to his chest. We have no further info. whether the officer was able to draw in self defense or whether there was an actual unknown argument.. Both brief releases at the bottom. Our prayers go out to Officer Vasquez family and were keeping faith in the Detectives finding the offender.

An off-duty Chicago police officer was shot to death early today as he returned to his West Side home after finishing his secondary job and picking up fast food for himself and his wife, authorities said.The officer, an 8-year veteran of the department, was shot after getting out of his car in the back of his home in the 2500 block of West Harrison Street at 1:47 a.m., said Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline.

The officer was identified this morning by the Cook County medical examiner's office as Jose Vasquez, 34. After being found in the back of his building, authorities took him to Stroger Hospital of Cook County several blocks away but he was pronounced dead about 2:15 a.m.

"We have information that a shot was heard. Police officers responding to that call found the officer shot. He was brought ... to Stroger (Cook County Hospital), where he died," Police Superintendent Phil Cline told reporters overnight.
The officer was not robbed and may have suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the police source, who said there may have been an argument before the shooting.,0,3804495.story?coll=chi-news-hed
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