Tuesday, February 6, 2007


In answer to your questions, yes It is true the Police department knocked blogspot.com off the city computers they are gone banned from existence for the time being, apparently there is a block. Several rumours as to why it happened. We think the city had enough and called a cool down this does not mean a single blog of tooted numbers of self fame it means all of blogspot.com. This is not the first time the city has banned a version of print. Years ago there were several single page internal news like bulletins, basically general gossip on who did what and to whom commonly referred to as tattlers and very similar to some of the blogs postings up and running. We remember one in particular about an ex-sup and a tryst of another boss. The ban on those hit so fast paper could not have burned as quickly. We have come full circle from news print to the Internet the only difference now is added addict loyal fuel power of full blown participation and its global. Gone are the days of face to face, put up or shut up.

Its apparent some people love to gossip and slam they thrive off of it, like an addict starving for the next fix. We call it blog post robotic addiction. Which consists of posting daily often more than once a day with different names or as anonymous and were not talking about the creators and moderators of a blog either. Were talking hard core posters on a mission to solidify and protect their co-dependent blog at all costs. Sometimes in attempts to justify their views of the error's of the department, employees and politicians ways. Its an ability to burn a cross or to point out individuals improper ways of conduct or at least over their alleged conduct. In other words true and false conduct where no one leaves their real name in order to verify others reputations and behaviour which one cannot then substantiate. This is where you cannot address the alleged issue or individual only continue to spread and whisper the rumours outside of the blog realm with an anticipated hungry glee. It is said that on the average anyone that has tried to address their concerns over boss's conduct and others within the department or the city. Will hit a hard wall head first at true full thrust speed and these solid walls can last their full career and undermine their every move. We tend to believe this is true. Police can't strike or call for any work stoppage or strike action but all the posters are not with first hand experience and most are not just your periodic posters providing usable informative information. Many posts are miss-leading and miss-directing for a variety of chaotic reasons.

While it may be true some action can be precipitated but in order for that action to take place you have to show up and participate, someone needs to take charge. That would point out the reality that your involved or reached somewhere within the blog spheres unknown chaotic agenda. The truth is the majority of police as professionals do not prefer blind leadership with unknown, unprotected and directed actions promoting them to take up a cause or action, especially coming from who knows where. Now there may be the insider factor but in order to factor that in there would need to be agendas held by a select few. If this agenda is being secretly held by only a select few and away from the majority's view to which this change is to eventually take place or in an attempt to take place. How is that true leadership with potential for any productive change?

Is there a Seiser court with a continual need for misled unknowing peasant commoners and are they up for bidding like a commodity to be used as a tool? One would like to think its all in good humour but why the die hard addicted loyal protective worshippers who frenzy cry and swear silently to one blog promoting an imaginary all powerful Seiser and then limit their postings very thinly on apparent preordained others? Maybe a portion of the possible answers lies below.

The problem with blog postings arise, when it gets out of hand, how many ways and times can one attack another and it builds to a climax of one liners to full paragraphs. One posting after another day in and day out as the real fun begins to run out. Some blog creators then become overwhelmed and begin a process of moderating and holding back due to possible liability or plain exhaustion instilled with available time. Moderating a blog is a version of causing delayed postings where the poster is actually talking alone. Its as if your talking to yourself all alone somewhere with a your computer keyboard. Since no quick response comes back to the addicted poster for even a slight satisfaction they begin to sweat, pace and wait anticipating for hours when they can read what they posted and read what others posted back. Just so they can continue in their personal addiction of posting frenzy. Un-moderating does not detour the addict and when a blog is designed to lure and trigger the addicts reaction of a false illusion of sharing and importance. It will build to a credenza with others coming aboard to defend their stance by throwing down or the ornery prankster that comes aboard and has fun playing with the addicted minds and once again its designed to spiral back out of control.
Oh there are always the pathetic pleas of, "we won't do it again un-moderate we promise," or their cries of, "we understand no matter what you do moderator, we love you and your number one." The sad part, if its not a private club or click where all know each other with their own agenda to undermine or create an uprising while luring unsuspecting minds in for their version of fun and action. Then there is the frighting thought of the added equation of complete strangers worshipping another stranger and putting them up on a pedestal and solidifying it in print for all to see while exposing themselves like a flasher for whom ever may wander or be lead astray into the co-dependent controlling blogs snare.

For a blog to continually dis-media then have worshippers claiming the media comes to them for the leaks, we wonder just what and whom this confused dependent and co-dependent anonymous relationship is actually serving other than addiction and miss-placed anonymous ego of power in counter numbers and controversial worshippers sworn to a silent allegiance. Majority of readers will scan blogs, if they frequent a blog they also normally take breaks only posting periodically and do not get caught up in a snare and ordinarily they might blog elsewhere when something interests them enough to respond but not the addict with a blog drug of choice. The addict can't wait to post and they will post from any available computer and they can also be just about anyone globally. The co-dependent dealer blog will always lure them back to the robotic addiction dance called only a hobby? Unfortunately even talking about addictive blogs only brings out more addicts and curiosity thrill seekers just to see what the drug holds, its a numbers game. Were not defending the issue of the ban although its understandable and the city in all honesty has been more than tolerant but we do question the addictions the over board relentless slander and the twisted worship of strangers and possible friends and so should you, its to easy to be pulled in. After all its a honed craft called,
only a hobby.