Saturday, January 13, 2007


Revisiting corruption history with Alderman in Chicago. Will Troutman be added to the current count? Who knows, her media bonanza at City Hall had her Attorney Adams looking and sounding more like her personal Campaign Manager then her attorney. "Get your A Team Troutman's back routine! The "WE Love Troutman" was eerily entertaining are these individuals NUTS? Federal charges turned into a racial political campaign soup box.
Number of Chicago alderman convicted over the last roughly 14 years with some of them wanting to get back in is an embarrassment to this city. Doubt were alone on this thought.
1999 1
1998 3
1997 2
1996 2
1993 1
1989 1
1988 1
1987 2
1983 3
1980 1
1975 2
1974 3
1973 3
1972 1

[Percy Z. Giles] (37th)
Convicted in February 1999 of pocketing $10,000 in cash bribes from a government mole and extorting an additional $81,200 from a company operating an illegal dump in his ward.
[Virgil Jones] (15th) Convicted in December 1998 of pocketing two payoffs--one rolled up in a newspaper and the other in a paper bag--totaling $7,000 from John Christopher, the notorious illegal dumper-turned-FBI mole. [Lawrence Bloom ] (5th) Pleaded guilty in December 1998 to a charge of filing a false income tax return and admitted he had taken $14,000 in bribes from government mole John Christopher (this sentence as published has been corrected in this text).[John Madrzyk] (13th) Convicted April 1998 of paying his daughter-in-law $33,764 over a 14-month period even though she did no work for the Special Events Committee--of which Madrzyk was chairman. Madrzyk also admitted pocketing kickbacks from two other ghost-payrollers. [Jesse Evans] (21st) Convicted in June 1997 of accepting $7,300 in bribes for sending city street sweepers to clean near a construction site, extorting $10,000 from a longtime foe to support his unpopular rock-crushing operation and obtaining a new tile floor in the basement of his home from a grocer seeking a liquor license. [Joseph A. Martinez] (31st) Convicted in January 1997 of accepting pay for three no-work, ghost-payroll jobs at City Hall. [Allan Streeter] (17th) Convicted in 1996 of taking $37,020 in bribes from Christopher and an undercover FBI agent. [Ambrosio Medrano] (25th) Convicted in 1996 of taking $31,000 in bribes from Christopher and an undercover FBI agent and to placing two political associates in no-work jobs on the staff of the City Council's Housing Committee. [Fred Roti] (1st) Convicted in 1993 of taking $10,000 for influencing a civil court case and $7,500 for supporting a routine zoning change in his ward. [Marian Humes] (8th) Convicted in 1989 of taking $5,000 from [Ald. Perry Hutchinson] for helping a New York firm win city contracts; $1,000 from Hutchinson for helping an O`Hare International Airport contractor; and $5,000, disguised as a political contribution, from an FBI mole.
Source: Tribune research Chicago Tribune/Gentry Sleets and Keith Claxton