Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Local 2 Chicago Firefighters Union, wants to be up first while preferring not to see another 28 month drag in contract negotiations with the city. Henry Bayer Executive Director with council 31 American Federation of State, Federal and municipal employees would like to knock out negotiations for a new contract prior to their current one ending. The article made no mention of FOP Lodge 7 views. We already know the city seems to prefer the slow drag process.

It's time for all of you to start thinking about what you feel you really need. All negotiations are about give and take and drawing the line. That line should be drawn on awards that have already been won. You don't give back what was fought hard for in the past. The city will always go for the usual suspects while crying broke and struggling. Monies, Insurance, Shifts, Discipline, Merit/Mgmt. increase in percents, Medical and now Pension issues, etc.

Who doesn't remember FOP and the prior Pension money gift debate with the city winning the blessing? Which then ended up leaving a very bad taste in many mouths. How many of you have given any real thought on FOP elections for our current standing Board members and any new incoming potential candiates? Pension rules will be changed for new hires, increases on contributions will also be a topic, without a doubt the city will try to pull the Medical Benefit which was fought for and won, they do it at each negotiation, its a given tactic. I doubt that they won't ask for higher management percents and maybe they will use Shift as an example to barter, insurance your contribution higher and less, money none. Without going deeper into this topic its time for you to cease just ranting for a lone Saviour and King and now get involved in body and spirit, collectively in person and in force only then will you see leaders emerge. Its always been your choice and your choice alone, it is what you make of it.

Now may be the time for the call of the Hog. Only a few understand that statement, are you one of the few?