Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Is there a hidden agenda? You be the judge.
COMING OUT OF WASHINGTON - Well the Nation's largest police chief's org. is trying to drum up and re-establish a national law enforcement commission, to do what you say? Another study to assist in helping to restore confidence in local public safety operations. This recent call by IACP is based upon what they allege, is related to officer's questionable use of force and the ABRUPT INCREASES IN MURDER and ROBBERY along with other topics from police deployment to prison administration.

The need for the crime commission was being allegedly "validated" by the recent FBI report, showing VIOLENT CRIME REMAINED ON THE RISE during the 1st six months of 2006. Overall the report cited an increase of violent crime upward mobile at 3.7%. What IACP used as "highly publicized" police incidents as their basis, were two events. All the hoopla being orchestrated by Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers in New York over the Shawn Bell 50 shots militant demonstrations against the Police crying Murder and the 88 yr. old armed woman in Atlanta blasting police who died.

This call for a crime commission is listed as one of their top 2007 priorities and thus far its not winning early support, its still a wee bit early though. In enters Senator Joe Biden a Democrat-DEL running for President in 08? Who was said to have been instrumental during the Clinton administration in passing a program for hiring of 100,000 officers. Biden claims we don't need more studies, we need more police. Flim Flam is what we say, while its true we need more police, has that ever been a non-factor, especially now? Here we have an organization filled with various Police Chiefs and Civilians behest with a Civil Rights committee and yet your average officer is pretty much excluded, oh there are Border Patrol and Investigators but it sure doesn't look like their very interested in the overall involvement of Law Enforcement Officers who pound the beat, districts, sectors and precincts daily. You know the ones who are never considered for their opinions based upon their daily professional experiences and dealings with organizational failings , aka the average Patrol Officer who appears pretty much excluded from this elite club of decision makers, apparently also involved in politics sometimes of the lesser kind. Exactly what category are they placing violent crime into anyway, especially with citing their two pressing incidents? Remember, while there are dedicated Police Chiefs in this organization, decisions also go through and are voted on by individuals in committees with agendas.

This is where we say Flim Flam personal political agendas do appear to abound.
IACP, how about getting down to brass tacks called police work and let police departments and their officers do their jobs, instead of looking for marked targets to pass on what appears to be some of your personal politics! Kinda like, Rev. Coleman/Arellano store front Church blame game and the recent IACP supporting letter. Which included the involvement of Cook County President Todd Stroger Jr. where Comm. Roberto Maldonado's partakes in the letter carrying presentation at the County Board meeting on Dec. 19th 2006, on behalf of IACP for the push of the Safe Sanctuary Resolution for all of Cook County and in support of illegals. There IACP felt (POLICE) didn't have adequate manpower or resources to address illegals on street stops and also felt its the Fed's job only to enforce. Thereby, making the legal status issue an illegal issue for officers or employee's in their ability to actually do their jobs and address legal and illegal status during, BOTH stops and job interviews. Rendering them (Officers and Employee's to foresee punishment on the job and potentially future punitive actions being brought against them, in the area of Human Rights Violations, nice table turn! If we recall right, IACP was also very interested in the ability to dissolve police unions. Need we say more. Exactly whom or what is IACP currently representing and why?
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the County of Cook supports the humanitarian efforts of Reverend Walter Coleman, who, in good faith, has opened the doors of the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Cook County to provide sanctuary to Elvira Arellano and her U.S. citizen son and who are prepared to accept the penalty for this act of civil disobedience in the hope that this violation of current immigration law will lead to comprehensive immigration reform that respects the rights of immigrants as families, workers, and human beings