Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Tea Parties were great, keep um moving.

"Don't Blame America." Cute ploy and another one of Obama silly mantras. Be prepared its coming, we see new marchers signs.

Aside from the Tea Parties its been quite a week with Napolitano supporting the nasty released data from academia, with no stats and slung far left disparaging our Vets and the everyday common Joe and Jane. Law Enforcement should be shaking in their boots not knowing whose who on the terrorist list, could it be thy disgruntled neighbor? Napolitano, even after "civil liberties officials" within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) objected to some of the language in the report, still supported it. "Someone show her the door now!" Keep in mind that main stream media fails again to report on Obama visit to Trinidad, Tobago as well as Mexico
. So here you have it. US-Mexico relations is immigration. Obama reiterated his commitment to legalization of Mexican undocumented workers established north of the border, while paying some penalties. LOL, some penalties, is that akin to buying your way in. Purchase your way to the front line, hey it works in Chicago why not take it abroad.

Recent news stories not here though, indicate that Obama is moving on this commitment. Calderón offered no concrete proposals to generate or preserve jobs in areas of high expulsion nor did Obama offer proposals in this crucial area. Maybe we need to read that line again. In the meantime Napolitano was seen hanging out in Nogle, AZ for her newest move to heavily inspect South bound traffic into Mexico. South bound not North bound, all types of new gadgets being incorporated for those trying to get back into Mexico at the border crossing. Sure it will work out well for the cartel, who don't usually use the manned borders! Ah but she said it was going to create new jobs. For who though, Mexico and were paying for it via taxes and on Mexico's side again. That's not even adding in all the equations of tossing even more money into corrupt hands for the drug war on Mexico's side either. Lets not even discuss Cuba and the send money now ability with fresh flow out of the USA and with more loving visits by families. Were in over load.

We did link an article so you can see for your self and make your own determinations. Especially since the word bargain was tucked into an Obama speech in Trinidad and Tobago. Seems like Obama bargain line is, "Don't Blame America." Cute, so if they turn down their rhetoric were going to be memorized into Change? Well he can Hope you know, since that slogan sold well. The problem were seeing, its going to bring a bigger onslaught with his pro-amnesty illegal alien disruptive crowd. Ya we read between the lines and as much as he likes to blur between his recent moves and the slap via academia lies supported by Napolitano. If your not awake now you never will be! We have a huge battle brewing on the horizon. Fought by even more outsiders who happen to be very concerned about their own sovereignty and our USA taxed cash cow gifts. Since our sovereignty seems to mean so little to the newest sitting chief and his pals whose pockets are left hanging wide open and at American Citizens expense. We guess you can buy anything these days as a law breaker, when a great bargain of tax payers money is abreast.

On a side note Acorn blessed by Obama funds our tax dollar and UN-employed AL Sharpton are playing games ignited by politics in AZ as well. Politics have gone as far as holding up the Sheriffs office funds, political games for the pro-illegal groups screaming racism but it has not stopped their Sheriff. Sharpton also had his bun put on the burner by the Toughest Sheriff in town Joe Arpaio. Who as an elected official has the support of his people to lock up those illegal aliens as they break the law and put um in pink undies, since they tend to steal the white ones. Even NAACP claimed they had no complaints against the Sheriff and refused to testify. Wow, now how is that? Treason by Politics for illegals meddling in our sovereignty and government aided by Acorn via of our taxes and Sharpton incite coming soon. Add in the complaints originated via four elected officials far outside of Arizona, very interesting.

Video's are our applause to Arizona Maricopa County and their Law Enforcement.
God Bless LE who believe in serving their Citizens, City, State, County and Country well.