Thursday, April 9, 2009

Illegal Alien and Nationwide Campaign

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Sign this Petition now to your Governor and demand that your state abolish illegal alien “sanctuary” policies in every town, city and county!

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Hey taxpayer how is finding employment coming along? Better yet, how is your housing, education and bill issues faring? For you those who have had their identity stolen, well need we even bother to ask.

Those amnesty demands are back on the table.

In absolute violation of federal law, literally thousands of town, city, county and even state governments actively provide “sanctuary” for illegal aliens when they illegally prohibit police officers from communicating with federal immigration authorities or even inquiring about the immigration status of individuals.

These “sanctuary” policies not only show contempt for federal law, they result in increased violent crime and huge costs to law-abiding taxpayers for shelter, education, health care and jail space for illegal immigrants.

Supreme Court to Hear RICO Lawsuit against Businesses that Hire Illegal Alien Criminals