Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Gov. Blagojevich has a common thread with Casey Anthony. Who now sits in jail awaiting a murder trial in Florida, after her daughter had been missing 31 days UN-reported by mom.

Mom even alleged she was looking for Caylee at a hot body contest, photos to prove it, nope Caylee was not there! Casey was doing her own investigation signing her name to her friends stolen checks, along with Great Grand dads, who was in a nursing home on Hospice. Why Casey was even arm in arm at block buster video with her boyfriend, no Caylee there either. Or how about all the target shopping on stolen checks, nope not there either. She even stopped in the bank with another hot check. Did we say she was bold? Yet, mother Casey was dubbed Mother of the year by her own mother Cindy. Casey even managed to ride around with the strong odor of decomp in her car. Casey was not going to be a brain surgeon but she wanted to be a photographer instead, so says mom Cindy. The media even bought the rights to her photos of Caylee, while she sat in her protected cell, or while at home for a short stint on bond after being bonded out by an unknown wealthy family concerned about her side of the story. Still no actual live sightings of Caylee, which her parents and brother Lee kept out there with a plead for even more donations.

They now have their own corporation in their home, its a non-profit ya know. Caylee's little bones are still sitting in a card board box more than 50 days now in a strip mall Funeral home. While Casey's mom Cindy plans a National Memorial. Dad George was just Baker Acted, after kinda of deciding he was of little value to Cindy his wife in a $35.00 dollar night motel. He did testify prior at the Grand Jury and that zipped his daughter right to jail on murder charges. The whole family wants immunity but no one can figure out why?

Caylee Anthony was found on Dec. 11, 2008, shortly before Christmas within close proximity to her home. Caylee's mother has spun a thread of lies, taking Orange County FL. Police on a wild goose chase in search of a missing alleged live Caylee. Whom her mother Casey said was previously left at a stairwell with an alleged nanny on June 9, 2008 whom she called Zanny for short. Caylee who would have turned 3 on Aug. the 9th, was discovered with her mouth duct taped and a heart sticker placed on the tape upon her mouth. Her small partial bones were found with a Winnie the Pooh blanket inside a laundry bag, then placed inside of a garbage bag. Her little skull rolled out from the trash bag. She was tossed like common garbage off the road into a densely wooded area littered with trash. There are more money grubbers in this case then we have seen in a long while but maybe that's because of the likes of PR Guru's with confidential signature agreements galore?

So your asking, what exactly is it that Gov. Blagojevich holds so close in common with Casey?
It's a firm who spins media stories to alter the public views of the individual charged. The Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich now shares that very common thread of the

The dubbed PR Guru by Nancy Grace Mr. Glenn Selig, is the Publicity Agency founder. Who will now also handle the good spin for Gov. Rod, to ward off all those negative media stories about his Obama selling seat wranglings. Just like he and his company has been doing for the Anthony family and was that Drew Peterson too? Blagojevich must feel very proud to have the PR dubbed Guru handle his current impeachment hot bed.

We already know how unimpressed the public is with the agency's current work in the Casey Anthony Devils Keep story. Why is it the real victims, like baby Caylee keep getting lost in these stories. Currently even her own Grand Parents have managed not to be gainfully employed since she was reported missing on July 15th 2008. Now how do they manage to keep up with that mortgage and car payments, let alone buy food? Who pays all those high priced Anthony Team players? Wonder if the Guru Selig has a mantra? Now money how does that hum? Nope, sounds more like a wounded battle cry. Movie, book next Rod? Were not buying any of it. Wonder who the good defense deader is this time around, paying for the almighty Guru's magic work? Is it the Illinois citizens or Rod or hey maybe one of those wealthy families that popped for Casey Anthony for the life of the case? Devils Panhandlers.