Saturday, May 3, 2008


Photo at top a gang, drug and rat invested apartment bldg at 339 E 94Th St. Upper East Side of Manhattan filled with problems in the Obama days. The very type of problems, Obama claimed he came to Chicago to Change. It's also where Obama lived during his New York activist paid days. So why Change to Chicago?

The Obama Myth created in Chicago's, concealed inner political Machine circle.

You see Obama could have stayed in New York for his paid community service action days but New York would not have afforded him the same political opportunities as the Chicago Democratic Machine had in store for him here.

Obama needed Chicago's problematic Acorn and they needed him. He used Acorn and they used him. He then went on to work up legal cases for Acorn while representing them in court. A true Chicago Machine opportunist, the Obama glorified.

Axlerod markets politicians by selling an idea a simple word, Change. He's not concerned about issue's as much as he is with an image, the image sells. We never stopped calling it smoke and mirrors. In truth Obama's most humbling moments may have been, sleeping in an alley and showering in a hydrant back in New York.