Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Police matched fingerprints at the crime scene to Sosa's in the FBI's database.

Sosa's fingerprints were taken when he was arrested for illegally entering the country. He was sent back across the border - only to re-enter later.

Jose Sosa murdered a mother and daughter in Nashville, TN. he also lived next door to them in April of 06 when he committed the murder. Jose was printed originally for entering the country illegally only to re-enter illegally again to commit murder.

This further shows just how broken our system of Border Patrol and laws are. Why are all three major politicians up for Presidential office Obama, Clinton and McCain supportive of not enforcing our immigration laws? As we can see Sosa per McCain was clearly one of Gods children. Amazingly the media will not hold their feet to the fire on how any of them plan on seriously addressing these escalating problems. Not a peep!

Votes, Corporate money profits and the free trade screw you America mantra. Apparently border security and lives seem to be at the low rung of concern for any of these Politicians concerns.

They sure ran like hell fire over the Truckers shutting down. After all it gave them a chance to posture for even more votes and to be seen appearing to make concerned charged speeches. We support the truckers but it just goes to show you how lusting for power these politicians actually are and what's hidden and lurking behind that desire for ultimate power! Matter of fact Hillary and Obama sent feelers out PRIOR to showing up ON THE TRUCKER SCENE today, they wanted to be assured in their staging a visible extravaganza.
Even Congress got into the act by questioning Oil company profits and putting it out to the media.