Monday, March 31, 2008


The call is on for Truckers across the states to pull over their rigs and shut down. April 1st is the first date and the buzz will be for other dates to follow. We support our truckers and wish them the best of luck. Their intent is not to harm anyone and its only being down because they have had enough. Below are the issues. Give them a honk as you go by show your support.

"This movement is to call attention to the plight of ALL of trucking. Fuel prices are just the icing on the cake. The threat of Mexican Trucks, addition of toll roads, increasing taxes, low freight rates. The trucking industry has been getting hit from all sides."

Reasonable diesel fuel prices with a cap to prevent price gouging.
Temporary relief from federal and state fuel taxes.
Mandatory fuel surcharge.
No lumper fees.
Limit on broker percentages.
End to price gouging on equipment insurance.
Stop the cross border pilot program and get Mexican trucks off U.S. highways.
Mandatory time limit on broker and shipper payments to truckers.
Fair treatment by DOT.
Shippers supply their own pallets.
Receivers pay for unloading.
Payment for down time while we wait for loads or loading.