Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In the Senate, a group of mostly conservative Republicans last week unveiled a package of legislation to crack down on illegal immigration and secure the border. They, too, said they would use procedural tactics to get Democrats on the record on the volatile immigration issue.

Democrats are trying to turn the tables, hoping that Republicans' efforts to push get-tough immigration measures will hurt McCain with Hispanic voters and independents, two groups that have supported him in the past.

In a letter to McCain last week, Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., called on the Arizonan to reject the GOP leaders' plans, calling them "draconian and divisive."
"Such a rejection will let this nation's 44 million Latinos know that demonizing them for political purposes will not be tolerated and that the more hateful rhetoric in the immigration debate has no place in our country's civic discourse," Menendez wrote

What's so hateful about securing our own Borders and not agreeing to yet another flood of amnesty for illegals, who are already benefiting from our lax laws which are barely enforced and at our expense? After all, just study up on Mexico's tuff immigration laws which also includes non-meddling in their governmental affairs and then ask yourself. Why were the ones actually being demonized, simply because we also want and need for our own Immigration and Border laws to be enforced?