Monday, October 22, 2007


St. John Bible Church Demon in the house.

Ole Al Sharpton whooping and hollering his work song in grand Demon style in a place called the House Of God. Confused? The House Of God, was formerly known as a place of peace, prayer and worship. It also was once upon a time called a church.

What does Sharpton prostitute this West side church for? To grandstand his politics meshed with his worship me sermon of, incite to riot theme. The "Gestapo unit."

"A criminal is a criminal whether he has on bluejeans or a blue uniform," Sharpton said from the pulpit at Greater St. John Bible Church. "You can't tell young people to respect the law and then watch the law-keepers break the law." Sharpton seems to turn a blind eye to the massive shootings, rapes, batteries, thefts, burglaries, deaths, drugs and all the high crime, within these same communities, brought on by the very people within the community. He is also very blinded by his hate for the police.

Churches that allow this type of conduct, need to have their non-profit status pulled. No if and or buts about it. This has crossed the line. Giving a so called sermon, preaching about marching on City Hall and holding an all-night vigil outside the mayor's home. While using igniting insulting words for and about the police. Such as the Gestapo troopers, while further reducing them down to individuals, who feel their above the citizens, is not a church. Its a meeting hall of civil unrest and anarchy. Where no one in the city should feel safe, and its Sharptons trade mark. Without it he has no income or cause.