Thursday, October 4, 2007


Pictures are Johnny with past Superintendent Rochford 1977 and Johnny with his wife 2006. The clouted stretch far and wide in Chicago.

Johnny Conlisk is as “Chicago” as they come. Both his father and grandfather were high ranking members of the Chicago Police Department. Many other family members have been Chicago Police officers as well. We hear they still are, Johnny is not.

For months before the big event, city officials planned how to lay out the red carpet for the convention delegates. The first Mayor Daley formed the Chicago Host Committee. Thousands of volunteers were assigned to help the various state delegates find their way around town and stay out of trouble. You had to be connected to get one of these fun jobs and I was connected. My father was the chief of police. It operates like this to this day within the Chicago Police Department. Taking care of inner connected clouted family members. Will it ever end?

Our first task was to greet delegates at O’Hare. We were issued candy striped vests and Styrofoam straw hats to identify us as Host Committee volunteers.