Sunday, October 14, 2007


An African-American Chicago Police officer contends that a rule barring cops from associating with criminals discriminates against black officers.
Story in the Suntimes today. The officer argues the rule 47 is more restrictive on black officers because of the disproportionate number of African Americans who have had contact with the criminal justice system.

Officer Sylvia Broadway a 13 year veteran is placing her argument on the basis of rule 47 not being fair. Officer Broadway said in her To-From Report to a supervisor. "It is as though a deliberate trap has been set for African-American police officers."

Now we don't like seeing Officers lose their jobs, but since this Officer has gone to the media and put it out there, we can now add our views. The Officer is not correct in her views, for her attempted laid foundation. She knew this rule existed from jump street in the Academy and throughout her 13 years, and she didn't complain then. She complains only after she submitted her report to her Supervisor.

The interview looks more like an officer, trying to insulate from being brought up on potential charges of fraternizing with a felon, then it does about a discriminatory unfair rule. Especially with retired Pat Hill's name popping up in the mix.

This Officer would not be the first to have to explain why she's involved with a felon, and we doubt she will be the last. We were just wondering why she choose the incorrect Rules and Regulation book to recite from. Could it be?