Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Coffie and his mother said the officers should be fired.

The head of the Police Department's Office of Professional Standards, which earlier had cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, said Tuesday she now will re-open the investigation, as required by the city's new ordinance governing her office

The Chicago Police Department has agreed to pay $4 million to a 23-year-old man who says police shoved a screwdriver into his behind.

The announcement came moments after a jury of nine women and men ruled that they believed Coprez Coffie over the two police officers who testified they had no idea where that screwdriver in their squad car's glove compartment came from.

Coffie did not tell anyone about the alleged assault until he got out of jail two days after his arrest and let his mother know.

Shortly after the arrest, Coffie filed a complaint with the police department, but it was found "unsustained," meaning the charges could not be proved. Investigators searched the officers' car, looking in the glove box and finding several screwdrivers the officers could not explain, according to Coffie's lawyers.

Investigators also swabbed the glove box. After Coffie filed his lawsuit in 2005, his lawyers said they hired a lab to test the swabs and found traces of a chemical found in feces. But a DNA test on the screwdrivers was inconclusive. There could have been numerous ways this trace chemical ended up in the glove box, how many of you actually wipe your glove box clean? How often? Years of grime building up. Officer's check those glove boxes, leave no seat UN-turned and guard your car. Don't get lax. We have been around long enough, to have seen items show up in vehicles after the inspection, watch your backs. There seems to be something seriously wrong with this claim, it just does not add up.

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