Wednesday, October 10, 2007


SOS now a distant memory of the Chicago Police Department. So SOS is rolled out, we still have a TRU. Maybe not an SOS but give it time. Did we hear right, Officer's going to the districts and more to IAD. We need them in the districts badly but what's with the IAD move? Blah, blah, we have seen and heard it before. IAD moves will have calls to make, then on with their promotions that follow. Anyone trust IAD and their scheming moves? Fairness at IAD, ha. Try cleaning out IAD, now there's a real challenge but that means really caring about your employee's, its easier to satisfy a public illusion.

Interim Superintendent Starks said, " its being done, in part, to restore public trust and confidence. Ha, o.k. sure, what ever. Anyone on this job with a lick of sense knew this reaction was coming. What happened to Gangs, was there an SOG once, what about that great internal Red Squad? Good luck guys and gals, just roll with the punches.

He also said this, "we cannot monitor every single police officer's behavior," Starks said. "But we can enforce accountability measures combined with a disciplinary process to demand that members at supervisory levels are held accountable. I am confident that this is a positive step forward." What, supervisory hasn't been held accountable in the past? That's what we thought, his words sure look good in print though. Don't hold your baited breath. When did they ever reverse the slide, you know what were referring to.

Eventually we will become really operational, eventually maybe.