Saturday, September 8, 2007


Below are photos on how to tell if a truck is coming out of Mexico.
Look on the side of the door. They are required by law to display both a Department of Transportation number and a Mexican (MX) number. You can see in the photo the Mexican number is located below the DOT number.

The second way to spot a Mexican truck is by the license plates. As you can see in the image they display two license plates. The one on the left is a Mexican license plate. The one on the right is a US license plate.

Keep in mind there may very well be safety hazards, reports are coming in many have bald tires, check out the tires on the bottom photo. More photos are at Diggers Realm, click title. We will keep you posted as we obtain further updates. As it is our highways and roads are already filled with tremendous traffic and the potential for deadly accidents. Can we be absoultly certain, all trucks coming out of Mexico will be thourghly inspected? Were unable to control the border properly and after being made aware of the below memo of vehicles being pushed through, we really have our doubts.

Director Luis Garcia sent out a memorandum in August that all agents screening at the Texas-Mexico border need to start ignoring thorough checks of vehicles and their passengers in order to speed up passage into the United States. Our problems are getting worse in the way of border security. This is why we have no faith in either promises concerning the Mexico border or the Mexican trucking companies.
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