Sunday, September 16, 2007


26th Street from Albany to Kostner.
Bounded by Western, Ogden, Kostner and I-55,
, for those who may be trying to get to work, etc. The Mayor threw up with joy of electricity and added support from various high rise buildings, the lights of Mexico. To celebrate Mexican Independence Day, again, again and again, whoopee!

What to expect: TRAFFIC GALORE and then there's the Floats, Mexican food stalls, mariachi bands and dancing in the streets. Where you can hang out, till you fall out, whoopee. Were passing!

There were argument's over the event also being held today at mill park, they were peeved.....We live in Chicago, things to expect.

One of the nation's largest parades: The 26th Street Mexican Independence Day Parade annually attracts close to a million spectators