Friday, September 14, 2007


In lanuage that's allowed to be used by Kahlid, a man who frequently screams of White racism, presents himself in true form a genuine racist. The word CRACKER is used 11 times. He is not just attacking Bush and Clinton, he's also attacking all Whites. His comments of, "the cracker never been civil, never been right or cracker ani't human and ani't never been right," is indeed racist and insults all whom are White. He even throws in the word Nigger. Double standards in your face.

In his fanatical speech,
"The Bullet or the Bullet," Kahalid Muhammad uses the racist words: CRACKER 11 times. He uses Peckerwood 3 times along with other insultive words numerous times as well. He says they either "Deal or Die along with two follow up comments of violence origin.

His speech is on, the threshold of a National Election. What exactly is Khalid calling for? Sure sounds like violence to us.

Were guessing Al Sharpton missed this destructive speech as well, its always convenient to ignore racism coming from one of his so called brothers. It's also always amazing to see large rowdy crowds, who try to push Oct. 22nd as the National Day against Police Brutality, wear black, while seeming to think they have a given right, to continue in not only promoting racism but violence as well. That is, as long as its one sided in their favor.

We recently had a police Chicago officer attacked by a group of thugs in Englewood. They figured the odd's were in their favor, four against one. Individuals like Khalid promote violence and racism. Groups like the New Black Panthers and the Four Winds of Atzlan, perpetuate violence and racism twisting it, into a one size fits all for their true agenda's, hate and civil disobedience. Where they count on their recruiting of the youth and students to join in their twisted realms of the cry of racism, while engulfing the growth of their continual hate monger retoric. When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee.