Saturday, September 1, 2007

Berkeley Critical Mass Coverage (UNBIAS COMMENTING WELCOME)

May 17 2007
Critical Mass is achieving nothing other than disrupting Pederstrians and Motorist while placing them in danger.

In Chicago their riding in mass is every month on the last Friday of the month as they did this Friday.

Were riders in critical mass and bystanders involved in stepping off altercations with the police, when they were redirected to an alternate route. Did they or anyone challenge and become physical by attacking Officer's? Yes they did, how many got away with their wrong conduct close to the Mayors residence?

Anyone taking their kids on these rides, need their heads examined. Maybe its time to start holding some of these out of control participants accountable for no permits, obstructing traffic, and ignoring traffic laws. Instead of dismissing some of these instigators involved in wrong actions due to them being in mass. Which has and will continue to cause serious harm. Critical Mass is acheiving nothing but turning people off and getting away with being lawless. There is no message of value in these large bike rides except disturbing.