Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Police find missing 3 year old wrapped in trash bags dumped in a ravine. Police had earlier discovered a bloody paper towel at the victims home went they went to pick up photo of missing child.

Mother assisted in this horrific crime by deciding not to bother calling an ambulance for her unresponsive child, helping her Sex Offender boyfriend in wrapping and discarding the child's body, then lied to police and reported the child as taken by a tall Red headed man off the street. What type of animals would do this to their own child, sex offenders and cooperative women. This poor baby never had a chance. The boyfriend was left to care for her.

The area where the girl was found is four miles west of the couple's apartment on 13th Avenue and Logan Street. The boyfriend was the child's father and its believed in took public transportation to dump his child's lifeless body.
Montoya is a registered sex offender and records showed he also has an extensive criminal past.

In 2000, he was arrested for indecent exposure.
Five years later, he was arrested for felony child abuse and kidnapping.
Earlier this year, Montoya was arrested again for child abuse, this time a misdemeanor.
Montoya's arrest affidavit also stated that in July 2006, Montoya was investigated in connection with an alleged sexual assault on "a victim." The case was dropped because Gallegos would not cooperate with police. What exactly does this mean? Could it be due to Denver being a safe Sanctuary city? What it really means is, we have is a mother of a child that was more interested in her boyfriend being gone from her life, than her own childs safety and life. The charge dropped earlier, was over the child being molested by her own father the mothers boyfriend.

Mother Miriam Gallegos, 20, also has a criminal history. In 2006, she was accused of possession of marijuana and found guilty of possessing drug paraphernalia. She alleged on Friday her child was kidnapped. This started a massive search for the missing child with an Amber Alert. The truth the mothers boyfriend Angel Ray Montoya, 22, called her home from work, where she found her child unresponsive. Both the mother and boyfriend then placed the child into double plastic bags, then into a duffel bag, the boyfriend took the duffel bag and dumped the child into a ravine. A violent offender and sexual predator could have been stopped, why wasn't he?

Children abused by their parents and the system are defensless.