Monday, August 6, 2007


Yesterday, we wrote about Geffery Johnson a 42 year old who was also a frequent drug user. When the Police responded to the mothers call, Geffery not wanting to go to jail, began fighting with the police to the point of having to be tased in order to be subdued. Geffery was later pronounced dead and the Medical Examiner's findings are not complete.

Now comes a further reality check. Geffery's violent, destructive behaviour and erratic conduct was of no surprise, to either his mother lulu or his family. As it turns out, his family was so intimidated by Geffery, that they had already obtained an Order Of Protection against him, in order to keep him away from them and their residence's. Not only was Geffery ready and prepared to fight the police, he was also in violation of his order of protection.

Here's the ticker: Seems the family including mom had to call the police on Geffery, nearly 24 times in the past, for violating the same order of protection and intimidating them. Who was at fault, not the police. We also lay odds, that mom and the family members also protected under the Court Order, were not abiding by their own order of protection. Nearly 24 times, Police were required to respond to moms 911 urgent protective order violation calls. So how does mom go about handling her Court Order? Apparently, by allowing Geffery back into their home continually. She then would turn it around by calling and using the Police just to get Geffery out. That is, when he would become once again, too violent and destructive, for even them to handle.

This is what's referred to as, Abuse of Police service and Court Orders. It also occurs day in and day out. Mom now sobs out to the media, while add-libbing her designed drama. What she and her family really desire, is to find fault with the end results, while at the same time attempting to make cash, off her now deceased unruly son she pleaded protection from... by pointing her finger at the officer's and by filing a lawsuit?

In our opinion. This lawsuit should not be paid out! The officer's should not be made the scape goats, for neither her or her families continual abuse of the system. Each and every time the officer's had to respond, they were placed in further danger by her abusive and urgent 911 calls. An Order of Protection she plead for and to which she swore, she and her family so desperately needed. A court Order for protection, for her and the family from her violent drug addicted son. To which, she just happened to swear to in a Court of Law.