Thursday, August 23, 2007


Reverend Daniels is upset and rightfully so and he is letting Daley know. Its all over many illegals rising salaries and gifting of construction jobs proven to be one of the main factors of their success and not the crop picking and meat packing stories being told. He feels illegals are taking jobs from African American citizens and keeping African American citizens from stability in those trades and sub contracting jobs.

Then we have the highlighted story of, John Resa, 49, a city water department employee, was charged with one count of perjury as part of what prosecutors called a broad federal investigation of political patronage and hiring fraud. Resa was a supervisor in the southwest side branch of the Hispanic Democratic Organization, a group that campaigns for Daley and his allies and has placed many of its members in city jobs, prosecutors said. We know early in office Daley went for privation and numerous city contracts came out of this. This is one of the reasons, Daley is able to play no knowledge. Its all someone Else's fault and he continues to have no knowledge of any of the wrong doings. That's why its so easy for Daley to say, "Its all about the families, but he seems to only be speaking on behalf of the illegals. His baby was the creation of the HDO.

The Elivra Arellano story brought a lot of controversy in the Suntimes yesterday. More people posted disdain than support, which included immigrants who feel Elvira is neither a role model or a true activist. We just happen to agree.

Even Mayor Daley threw in his two cents, saying in the paper yesterday. Its about families and no one should support breaking up families or words to that effect. It seems no one seems to ask him, what his views are in regards to Fictitious and stolen ID's. At least this would be a start for ascertaining his real views.

Of course people don't want to see families separated but the hard hitting questions would be responsible ones. Those question would start with. Did you know sneaking across the border or over staying your visa was a violation, didn't you realize you were breaking the laws? Followed by, why else the need to claim your forced to live in the shadows? Then the very next question would have to come into play. As to why a responsible adult would then conceive children in the shadows, your suppose to be forced to hide in? We think we know the answer to that one, and its called Anchor babies and its now been turned into the bantering bargaining hardship about, "Daley's breaking up families woe" and its being flaunted about as the excuse by the illegal groups.

Illegals many of which who may be hard working with proven census rising salaries, have only committed the so called crime of breaking our immigration laws. We said raising salaries so their not really in the shadows and breaking of our immigration laws. Rising salaries, this all sounds like reward to us and it also does to numerous others. The anger and resentment is in part also due to two sets of laws. One for citizens and those waiting in line to become citizens and the other for those here illegally breaking our laws. This is referred to as a lawless society and its benefiting a major population, that now likes to refer to itself as a minority. This may very well be Hillary Clinton's dream of the NEW MAN socialism, where peace will not come soon.