Thursday, August 30, 2007


In the end it turned out to be a botched bank robbery, lasting mere short minutes. Our apology and correction the bank was First Commercial not First American. Unknown man wore a surgical mask entered the rear door of the bank, which had no cameras and began brandishing and waving a gun around in the air. Early reports had hostages. Now no hostages and mysterious gunman who bit off more then he could chew, who also managed to appear as though he faded into thin air.

Although there were no cameras in the rear of the bank, as the offender made his entrance. There was one mounted near a school which was aimed at the area of entrance. Lets wait an see if this camera got a picture of at least something worthwhile. Were sure the surgical masked gunman is sitting close by a TV for the same updates.

Bizarre case, police continue to scan and review the schools tapes, in anticipation of identifying the mysterious masked, lone gunman of zero gain. Sounds like he took flight before police arrived or shortly within their window of arrival.