Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dana Starks and In the wake of a third police-involved shooting shooting Thursday of Eric Tonson, 17.

"We know that any time there is a police-involved shooting, communities are concerned, families are concerned," he said. "But the police are concerned because they have a dangerous job to do when we have to make split-second decisions to protect ourselves while protecting the public."

None of these individuals involved with the police seem to be the least bit way ward, not a one, nada. Their all of a sudden, fine upstanding law abiding citizens, being hassled by the police just because of their race.

We have heard some crazy comments being made on some of the African American radio call in stations. How about this one. White Policemen are killing Black boys, then theres this one. Police can afford expensive cars Mercedes and BMW, so they can afford $700-800.00 dollar guns to plant on blacks. Now were accused of buying guns with our own checks, just for the sheer joy of dumping and planting them on the same individuals, who we are forced to defend our lives against. Naturally radical ignorance will take every opportunity to blame a White cop for a self defense shooting, even if the cop isn't white. Anyone notice how this ignorance, protesting and self imposed righteous has heightened and blossomed, ever since Sharpton blew into town? All the weirdo's are crawling out of the crevices and just dribbling at the bit to bite at cops and any cop will do.

Try on this one to the Dana linked article,
"Do you think we should trust what they say?" said Gloria Simmons. "No. No. No. ... If you are that scared of these little black boys, get off the police force." Uh, little black boys, were now going around shooting them because they scare us? Like we said some crazy comments coming out and their all sounding alike. The little Black Boys phrase, seems to be their newest mantra for a false emotion call-out and it stinks something foul. 17-18+ are not little boys, we call foul!