Wednesday, August 15, 2007


ANONYMOUS from prior post said:

Why don't they do a department wide urine analysis?

Answer; Because they know that anywhere from 5-14% of the CPD would fail depending upon the day,time,month,etc.

August 15, 2007 1:20 AM

We have no actual knowledge of the above percentage and we have also forgotten the number of actual random drug tests allowed in a 12 month period, were thinking maybe its 12? If were wrong and someone recalls the correct number of randoms, please correct us?

Drug tests are handled erratic and by this we mean, you can be hit with a series of back to back tests, while others go for longer periods with no tests at all. If your clean which you should be, the testing is not problematic. We just don't get the nailing of some more often and the passing by of so many others, who are not being tested at all. We understand like the drug tests there is a dis-balance in who, why and when their tested. Boss's have been known to contact the Medical Section and covert for tests to be made on some Officers. This type of conduct is not always justified and it can be deemed inappropriate. The Medical Services Sections needs to get her act together. Unlikely though, since she is a RN with special pay. If you recall, the city changed the RN's title to the Medical Service Section, how bizarre!

Some may say covert is not a fact due to the procedures already set in place within the drug testing unit. Your number is suppose to come up randomly like a lotto. Which means you can be hit more frequently. Many of you already know underhanded moves are made and then allowed within the Medical Section. Why should drug tests be any different? Drug testing akin to any other inappropriate conduct by management is just another nail in the coffin of complaints of impropriety. It should be professional and balanced period. How often have you heard if CPD was a private agency it would have bankrupt years ago due to bad management?

Officer's be aware if your not feeling well and you accept someones prescribed medication to which you have no script your automatically in default. If you get tested and the drug shows up, you have just doomed yourself to a hot result. Don't accept another med., no matter how kind it may seem at the time. Fighting for your job is not worth the act of kindness.