Friday, August 17, 2007


The media started this nonsense with their reporting initially of a 18 year old boy being shot in the back by police. They then began pandering to the police hating ignorant loud crowd, which began congregating at the scene in early August. Daley then holds a meeting with slick back no suit shyster Sharpton and were less a true Police Superintendent and a continual man power shortage. Maybe Daley's newest baby, a now huge and mammoth free for all TCA Streets and Sans program plus, will eventually step up with their blue oscillating lights to the rescue, and he can then privatize and sanitize the police department with cheap labor called TCA's.

"We are tired of you murdering us," activist Fred Hampton Jr. told the board. "We are tired of that. We're tired." Coming from the same Hampton, that carried on about wanting a honorary Chicago street to be named after his gang banging daddy, the cop killer. Anyone else fed up with Chicago pandering Politicians and Chicago's liberal lean twisted media style of reporting? This is where our real problems are coming from. Home grown B.S. Sharpton "keepin it real", what a joke.
As the board walked out, the crowd chanted, "Killer cops must be stopped!"

Were tired of hearing your out of touch loud and obnoxious rhetoric.
Take a look at the video and see what we put up with daily here in Chicago. This city is getting worse by the day and these types of clowns continually play the rowdy circus crowd circuit. They seem to have an excuse for everything, criminal records don't matter, the police planted turn in guns, gang membership is irrelevant, corner's findings are irrelevant, police have to be lying, its all one big conspiracy theory in an effort to keep the poor man down. This is the type of insanity previews and lunatic masses the media and politicians salivate on.
Well, were just plain tired of hearing your mouth full of loud whacked excuses.
Look for the smiling faces on some of these clowns, all their missing is the painted face makeup.