Friday, July 13, 2007


This is not a card game either and our
local Chicago Politicians and business's
court them. United Neighborhood Organization(UNO)behind the Charter schools one of Daley's pet projects and they have been shaping Chicago for years. Check out some of the players names.This is an older story and their even stronger today, think Sanctuary city which started approximately 3 weeks after Daley got into office he turned a 1989 executive order on immigration into law..

25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis was no stranger to the radical politics of the 1970s when he helped start UNO in 1980. By that time, Solis had co-founded Latino Youth Alternative High School on the Southwest Side. “When I ran Latino Youth high school, I had Marxists, Maoists, anarchists, leftists, teaching there,” said Solis.

Others pointed out UNO was also close to Harold Washington and other mayors, including assisting Daley into office. “They put Harold Washington on a pedestal,” Washington appointed an UNO member as a City College trustee and rewarded the group with insider access to police data.
Since 2003, the group has received more than $1 million in city contracts.
As a nonprofit, UNO is kept from direct politicking. But the plucky group owes its rapid growth to its shrewd political alliances and its ability to provide cover for politicians as a community voice.

As Chicago’s Latino communities have grown and matured, there are roughly four groups that have power in the city. Citywide, there is the HDO and UNO. In Little Village, there is a faction allied to 22nd Ward Alderman Ricardo Muñoz and Garcia, a former state senator. And, on the Northwest Side, a group of largely Puerto Rican politicians is allied to U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

In March of 07
By a 45-0 vote, Mayor Richard M. Daley and the City Council approved a resolution March 13 calling on President Bush to issue a moratorium immediately on all immigration raids and deportations. Of course it did not reflect the criminal behaviour of being in the country illegally.Alderman Flores introduced the resolution along with Aldermen Danny Solis (25th Ward), Ed Burke 14th Ward), Billy Ocasio (26th Ward and/
Ricardo Munoz (22nd Ward)>

The resolution condemns the recent nationwide escalation of raids and deportations, including 17 workers currently being held in Chicago with excessive bonds.
Also reaffirms the city council’s support for the introduction of a private bill granting legal permanent residency for Elvira Arellano, a single mother fighting deportation, and others like her.

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