Saturday, July 21, 2007


For those of you, who have not yet looked at the powers of the new City Administrator Rosenzweig, we suggest you review the additions and changes in Municipal law. If you click on the title, you will be taken to the city council meeting minutes.

The new Administrator also has the power, under annual appropriations for her own Deputies, assistants and employee's to work along with her. We think OIR might come into play here. We may be wrong but we feel she can obtain a wealth of support and insight from her former agency, it just makes sense to us. She also has the power to make recommendations directly to, the Superintendent, the Police Board and the Chairman of the City Council on Police and Fire, concerning revisions in Police Operating Procedures, which also includes the efficiency of the department. Her job will assist the city in liability avoidance factor, being you and the lawsuits.

R/O has no knowledge, under subpoena power is a thing of the past, so plaque it for prosperity sake. This power reflects upon all city employees, in any related manner. She receives all reports regardless of results, and she can refer those believed to be guilty, to other Police agencies. Her word is set in stone. If the Superintendent disagrees. It has to be placed in writing under three guidelines, if the case makes it to the Police Board over the dispute. A three member panel from the board, has to agree across the board with the Supe. If not, Her findings make the determination, period, same goes if the Superintendent does not reply in 90 days.

One of the issue's which has popped up in the past, is OIR and the solo foot pursuits accountability factor, leaving your partner with a suspect while you chase. Or somewhere in the recess of the mind, all shootings are preventable theory. On OIR. They will seek out an alleged offender or witness, regardless of Alias to the ends of the earth. Including tracking them down to jail for their side of the story. Again, were not saying OIR will be involved, but if you were rather new in a field, and then appointed to a new position with tremendous authority, who would you seek assistance from? Just a thought. Personally, we know very little in reference to OIR Office of Independent Review, other than the papers they have put out and Merrick's papers, along with his Berkley past of bad cop, good cop and his, what if I had been a minority then. Their lawyer's backgrounds are in civil rights. We can only hope, after all she is an appointed authority with tremendous power and a new office.

Unfortunately, so many of us, have little faith in Chicago's style of politics, so there's a very natural concern. There are cries from both sides of the fence and only time and the FOP should tell. The contract might need a stronger revision during negotiations, if its not to late. If not the next contract will be even more interesting.