Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Brought to you by of course: CHICAGO JUSTICE AND Jamie Kalven at who moved for the FOIA on the CR numbers.

Mayor included in the new ordinance as follows:

The administrator of OPS will be appointed to a four-year term and can only be removed for cause.

Once the OPS administrator recommends discipline for an officer and if the Superintendent of Police disagrees with the recommendation, the Superintendent must do so in writing.

When the Superintendent and the Administrator continue to disagree on discipline, they must consult a three member panel consisting of members of the Police Board to make a final decision.

The OPS administrator must publish reports that detail the number of investigations, their status, and reasons why any investigation is still not completed if open longer then 6 months.

OPS must publish a report for every investigation that they complete discussing the reasons supporting their findings. (The contents of this report will be limited by any collect bargaining agreements or the Illinois Freedom of Information Act that may limit the material that may be released.)

OPS will now have subpoena power to force access to documents and motivate officers to give testimony.