Saturday, July 14, 2007


We have spent the day researching the story of Officer Mette and the incident in Iowa in Oct. 05. We know Jacob played golf on the 7th of October 05 and played again in April of 06 as well and somewhere between all this he was hit with a DUI. The County Prosecuting Attorney Timothy J. Gallagher in Iowa was admitted into the Bar in 1977 and Judge Monica Ackley who felt Mette should not have defended himself at all was appointed to serve Dubuque County in 1997 as a Magistrate and to the District Court bench in 2003. Judge Ackley attended Univ. of San Diego earning her law degree in 1990. She's a member of Iowa State, Dubuque County and the California Bar Association.

Channel 2 did a very slanted story in favor of the Prosecuting Attorney Gallagher. 2 ran with his defense retort.
Here are a few phrases they used after other stories ran on Mette.
beating an Iowa college student to the point of brain injury and broken nose and jaw.

Iowa judge sentenced Michael Mette Monday following his conviction for an assault, said Gallagher alleging Mette retaliated. Assistant Dubuque County attorney Timothy Gallagher went on to say the
beating that caused severe injuries including two brain bleeds, all this over an alleged cell phone dispute retaliation claim, come on now. Gallagher calls self defense a retaliation. This isn't the end of this story by far.

Gothard scores
April 29, 2006
Iowa Conference Men's Golf Championships Results
FINAL RESULTS IIAC Championship Rds. 1/2
Finkbine GC/Meadows GC Iowa City, IA/Dubuque, IA
Dates: 04/21-22 & 4/28-29 (Today:04-29-2006)

9 Dubuque, Univ. of 332 324 331 345 1332
26 Jacob Gothard 82 77 79 80 318
34 Matt Bower 78 80 83 88 329
39 Cory Rubner 88 85 84 87 344
40 D.J. Topping 84 83 89 92 348
41 Brian Johannsen 90 84 85 90 349

Not one but two claims of Brain Bleed by Gallagher which equals Two Brain Hemorrhages claims. Did you know Brain Bleed can be genetic, or it can be caused by smoking, cocaine, and drinking. Were wondering as a golfer was Jacob Gothard ever hit in the head with a golf ball? Two Brain Hemorrhages and within Six months Jacob was touring the circuit for Dubuque University and competing. Here's a score from April 1st 06 tied for 27/103. Were curious what type of care Jacob received was it intensive, surgery, what ever. Could the brain bleeds have been due to another reason unrelated to Mette? Just think about it. Where is FOP, no where because Mette was off-duty. Shame a real shame.