Saturday, July 28, 2007


Did you know this about these two bullies and their actions on Capitol Hill? It happened April 25 2007? Both of these Representatives need to go and fast while also being held accountable, for their heavy handed actions, of strong arm silencing a small group of citizens (5), some of whom were 79 yrs. old. We think they both have forgotten who they actually work for! The American Taxpaying Citizen.

While approaching Gutierrez's office they spotted Representative Grace Napolitano (D-CA) leaving Gutierrez's office.
Raymond Herrera A VIETNAM NAM VET, called out to her "Why do you support illegal aliens?".
Napolitano hollered back while walking away "I don't have to answer you!".
Herrera then shouted after her "We want to talk to you about illegal immigration?" Napolitano quickly walked away ignoring them.

THEN get this THE POLICE SHOW UP BECAUSE SOMEONE FROM Luis Gutierrez office called them because he and Napolitano have a problem with people, being American Citizens expressing their rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. MMP National Rally Organizer Robin Hvidston, a 79 year old married couple and a 56 year old female [the age and sex of the last team member has been edited along with spokesman for Gilchrist's Minuteman Project Spokesman (MMP) Raymond Herrera.

After determining the group was just exercising their right to free speech the police let them go and just cautioned them to keep their voices down. As they walked away though they were approached by a second set of officers and the two previous officers walked back to join them. The two new officers said that they would have to run a warrant check on all 5 of the members because an actual formal complaint had been filed against them.
The team of 5 were held for over 45 minutes and then released.

This is the kind of strong arm tactics you would expect from a police state, not those of the office of a United States Congressman.

I urge all of you to contact the offices of Grace Napolitano and Luis Gutierrez and file your own "formal complaint" against them for treating American citizens looking for answers like second class citizens.

Grace Napolitano can be reached at: (202) 225-5256
Luis Gutierrez can be reached at: (202) 225-8203

Well it may be nearly August but we bet its still not to late to fire up their phones.

Story came out of Diggers Realm