Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Below are questions by a fellow blogger, asking why on earth its taking so long to find a Police Superintendent for replacement.

We expect the announcement will come in either early August or possibly this Friday. It took one month to obtain 50 applications by the Police Board and it took another two months for them to finalize the three contenders. Once the choice is made, it goes to the Mayor then to the City Council Police and Fire Committee before Alderman Issac Carothers of the 29th ward for recommendations and comments, then it lands before the full City Council for the final vote. Its already done in our opinion and now we will also throw in our hats. Its Williams and not because he has packed boxes either. Although we chuckle with that comment, because we have seen many a boss box it up. Ours is just a simple gut instinct of Chicago's style of flair for politics. Hey, we don't mind if were wrong no bets rollin here. Chicago's a funny place, Daley appointed Rodriquez the day the Tunnels flooded.

Something is Seriously Amiss in Chicago's Decision... Something is Seriously Amiss in Chicago's Decision Making Ability.

Superintendent Phil Cline resigns on April 2,2007 after a heated meeting with Mayor Richard M. Daley.

As of July 23,2007- 112 days have elapsed since Superintendent Cline's resignation.

112 days to find a suitable candidate for Chicago Police Superintendent?

Either there are no suitable contenders within the CPD ranks or national candidates want no part of this circus.

Can Mayor Richard M. Daley effectively make decisions any longer?

Whatever the holdup this truly would make a fine news story.

What is the average selection time for a superintendent/chief in NYC,LA,Philadelphia,Houston,San Antonio,Phoenix?

What is the average time elapsed for the selection of a superintendent in Chicago based upon past history?

Does anyone sense major procrastination in naming a new superintendent?

Is anyone heeding the rumbles and rumors floating about at 3510 S. Michigan?

Will the media address this delay in selecting a replacement superintendent?

The CPD is in suspended limbo at the moment,lieutenants will not be promoted until a new superintendent is named.

Numerous exempt members are contemplating retirement but are holding off until the announcement.

Manpower shortages are wreaking havoc in the districts and causing huge delays in calls for service.

Specialized units are decimating patrol ranks.

Where and when will it end?

When will this be addressed?

The time is now to name a new superintendent before a policeman is killed or another more tragic Durkin Park occurs.

112 Days and Counting