Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Civil rights activists Rev. Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jesse Jackson said Tuesday that City Hall should release the records of police officers with multiple allegations of brutality, but they would not criticize Daley for trying to keep them under wraps. Their playing two sides of the fence and both are more political and mug shot self serving, then they are true civil rights activists.

No, it's not a ploy over the contract. What are people smoking. Were not an OPS fan by far, OPS can be vindictive but numerous CR's MAJORITY OF THE TIME, always equaled working cops and it equates into speed dial for vendetta's against cops for doing their jobs. The public can't have it both ways. We doubt very few officer's trust in Daley and his clout mechanics. Daley's dad was DA BOSS, what's Daley going to be known as, the SAVIOUR, what a joke. WHEN THEY FIX THE EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR CALLS TO SCREW COPS THROUGH OPS AND IAD, THAT WILL BE A REAL STORY. Until then it's all media hype to put working police in a bad light but try telling that to the activist media muggers and lawsuit frenzy police haters.

They really mean Father Pfleger, the Catholic Priest who supported Police Officer's when CAPS was forming. Yeah, we get it, Daley in the early 90's wanted CAPS. Now Pfleger is howling with Jesse, who was also Exposed by Judicial Watch for fleecing people and companies over his retoric's of Operation Push game of discrimination. The Sharpton's of Chicago combo.