Sunday, June 24, 2007

No Amnesty Rally, Atlanta - Here's Your Sign

On Friday the 8th of June, a last minute rally was organized by Chris Krok of WSB 750AM radio and the turnout was especially good this was a last minute call against Amnesty. This video is from Diggers Realm showing Americans at the drop of a hat will picket as well. We expect to see these numbers rise and to also see these types of actions more frequently as long as the Shamnesty continues. Many activist are speaking out on their permits and civil rights being violated in favor of unlawful violators across cities and states.

The Pro Non-Amnesty Americans have a right to their speech and views but apparently the National media does not think so and provides only favorable light on the lawbreakers, they won't show them in true full form, throwing out anti-American racial slurs as feeble attempts of intimidation. What do you call a massive number of law breakers, who have been marching in our streets and using the word Racist go home and all the the other acts of anti-American behaviour the mainstream media refuses to show you. All due to Americans who do not agree with the lawless conduct of Corporations, their elected Politicians and the law breakers.

We say enough is enough with the selling off of United States of America for an elitist profit for Politicians and pandering Corporations. We support the current laws not the greed of the elitist and demands of the illegal special interest groups in their efforts to change our laws to fit their whims of demands. Un-conscionable freebies, of Jobs waiting and forgiven blessings of stolen identity, gifts of Mortgages, Credit cards, Cars, Social Security, In-State student loans and Federal Aid. No proof, no social security number, "no problem-corrupt lawlessness." All for being wrongfully encouraged to continually come to America and over- populate "via Anchor babies, chain migration and unforgivable porus borders with lax laws."

America will not be silenced. "We agree that the pandering Elephant is going to have a long miserable memory and the pandering Democrates will get the kick in the ass they so rightfully deserve." Remember this is still America the home of the brave and she does not like seeing her flag anywhere except proudly flown on top and respectfully folded and never ever worn or trappled and burned, English is the official lanuage!