Friday, June 15, 2007


This may very well be why Airborne Sal stated the disability committee had received calls. Were not sure why Sal or the committee handled the calls since your elected representative over Medical issues especially of this type of importance is the First Vice President, Bill Dougherty who was elected by you to handle Medical grievances and concerns.

Lets us begin by saying in the report the city failed to separate their numbers between Limited Duty and Convalescent Duty which are two extinct and different categories and it unfairly affects the (true Limited Duty count.)

Limited Duty status is a Doctors determination with substantial medical documentation that you are unable to return to full duty but are able to continue working in your Police capacity with restrictions, either due to an illness or an injury and your required to provide proof once a year.
We feel you may be protected by the ADA depending on various individual issues which may very well pertain to you and others.

Were personally not going to blog debate or openly discuss the grey areas since this would be an attorney's job for those who may become or have unknowingly already been affected by having your status changed.

Convalescent Duty is when your ill or injured and its short term, the city is suppose to use a 6 month review instead of the yearly review for medical documentation purpose. From Convalescent you have been able to either go Full Duty or into Limited Duty.


This report provided by an anonymous blogger was submitted to the Exempts by Assistant Deputy Superintendent Bureau of Administrative Services, Ann Egan on May 14th 2007.

The subject is LIMITED DUTY.

The number of sworn officers in an Non-IOD Limited Duty status has steadily increased from 153 in the year 2000 to 359 in the year 2007. This increase presents challenges for the department as well as for our members in terms of availability of personnel to perform full unrestricted duties. To address the impact of the increase, a change in the Non-IOD Limited Duty policy is necessary. I have met with the Unions today regarding Limited Duty. The new policy was announced with a start date of 1 June 2007.

The new policy is the following:

*The officers currently in a Non-IOD Limited Duty status will continue to be given limited duty status until they can perform regular duty assignments or until they are mandatorily retired. However, Non-IOD Limited Duty Status will not be available to other members.

*Officers with Non-IOD illnesses or injuries will continue to have medical roll available to them as they convalesce for return to full unrestricted duty.

*Officers who are unable to perform full unrestricted duties will be provided with a maximum six month convalescent duty period. At the end of this time, if unable to perform full duty, they will be able to apply for disability pension.

*IOD will not be impacted due to contractual agreement.

*Officers returning from a leave of absence must return to full unrestricted duty and will not be offered Limited duty.

The Unions were asked to provide feedback. If you have any questions about the changes, feel free to contact me.