Friday, April 27, 2007


Sent to us via Anonymous:
The Chicago Reader article about the accidental shooting death at the 95th Red Line station by Officer Alvin Weems definitely casts us in a negative light, but does bring to light the immense disparity in punishment handed down on CR# investigations. I encourage everyone to read it in its entirety and absorb what occurred. Weems was found guilty of ten rule violations including rule 14 and caused the death of someone yet he only gets a 30 suspension and then gets promoted twice????What the hell is that? How many coppers have been fired for nothing comparatively speaking? How many take huge suspension time on baseless bullshit beefs? Where was the due process for Captain Buslik? SCC, please do a post on the imposition and fairness of the disciplinary process on CPD. Let all coppers post the truth on the corrupt system and how they bury beefs if you are politically heavy. Those without clout get fired or take incredible suspension time. This is nothing new, Weems is one of literally hundreds of coppers with pull who have gotten away with a slap on the hand.Where is the FOP on this issue? Fair is Fair, discipline should not be arbitrarily and capriciously handed out.

There is often great frustration within the Chicago Police Department and it comes down to exactly these to words in regard to punishment of numerous officer's, those two words are often arbitrarily and capriciously when it comes to applied discipline.

The above anonymous poster is angry, WHAT ARE THE ODDS they have reason to be? H.S. has been around long enough to have seen first hand how many investigations are handled and who gets the wink and nod or who does not. For the non-clouted or connected Officer with even a lesser allegation or alleged charge it can make the world of difference to their economic future and place requitable disdain for the department tactic politics for the remainder of their career. That is if their lucky enough to prove their innocence with numerous volumes of written validations of proof otherwise but their battles may not always end there and winning may not be forgiven.