Thursday, March 29, 2007


REALITY CHECK YOU WANT A MUG PHOTO, WHY? Abbate slipping in and out of the building away from the glare of cameras, GET REAL! His mug shots are all over the news and their global. Is it not true, that media vehicles were illegally parked and also in violation of parking in private lots. Were these not dual parking violations to which the general public is held accountable but the media seems to feel they should be exempted from. Why and by what standard do you feel you aka the media should be allowed to break the law? Why, simply because you want more and more photos just to drive up your ratings? We have yet to speak to a fellow officer who feels what Abbate did should be protected!

Were not surprised by the actions of headquarters AND COHORTS, its to be expected but don't think you can paint us all with the same sloppy brush. Below is a portion of the cooked up crock of bull stew the media has simmering.............................

What makes these stories so sickening, though, are the actions of the guys on the job -- the officials whom we trust to investigate and prosecute such allegations quickly, objectively and in the interest of public safety.

And yesterday we had a perfect, symbolic example. From David Heinzmann's story today:
Uniformed officers interfer(ed) with the news media at a court hearing for Anthony G. Abbate, the officer accused in... the Feb. 19 attack on a female bartender....The hearing was held at a branch courtroom at the Grand Central Area police headquarters, and several on-duty officers used their squad cars to block media access to the facility, (Police Supt. Phil) Cline said. Officers also issued parking tickets to media vehicles parked in the headquarters lot.

Police also assisted Abbate in slipping in and out of the building away from the glare of cameras, a sharp contrast to the legendary "perp walk" to which citizen defendants are often subjected. And, you'll notice, police have not released Abbate's booking photo -- the mug shot of shame we usually see.
These are actions taken by sober, on-the-job representatives of the Chicago Police Department. And they send a loud message: "Our guys get special treatment."