Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Jan 15, 2007 6:47 pm US/Central
Suburban Cops May Get Role In Deportation Process
Fight Against Illegal Immigration Could Be Widened To Include Police Dept.

Well someone is finally catching on to the very inexpensive training provided thru ICE and their a first in Illinois, who would have thunk it. Now we will see how far they actually get and how well their able to handle this issue, especially since Carpentersville is 40% Latino. We perceive future demonstrations. They want the deportable felons off the streets and out of the country. Well, now felons exited! Hats off to Carpentersville, good luck your gonna need it.

(CBS) CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill. Some police in the suburbs may soon join the fight against illegal immigration.CBS 2 North Suburban Bureau Chief Katie McCall reports opponents of the plan fear it would end up making everyone less safe.Police in Carpentersville say a federal program could help them get rid of criminals who live there illegally

Carpentersville police estimate three of its officers would receive the training. If approved, they would be the first in Illinois to participate in the program.

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