Thursday, December 7, 2006


What's really brewing behind the scenes come December 9 & 13th?

click here for her site hey, do Chicago tax payers contribute to the maintenance of her site in any way? Arenda Troutman is the 20th ward Alderwomen and she is preparing to hold a forum on December 09 about Police Brutality. Then she is preparing to present an ordinance to the City Council for a WITNESS PROTECTION program on December 13th 2006. click below type in their search box (chicago police) scroll to story dated Nov. 30, "Community wants answers to death of man shot by Chicago Police"

Why is she doing this? Well it involves a Chicago Police Officer and a shooting that occurred when Mr. Michael Smith now deceased attempted to disarm the Officer of his weapon. The shooting by the Officer was ruled JUSTIFIED! From appearance it appears the media helped in passing the flame to Troutman, view their version and printing of the story.

Now lets add Alderwomen Troutman's personal choice of the word AGITATOR being placed within her own logo title. A word she appears to be apparently very proud of, since she's smiling awfully wide on her site.

Lets just take a small look at Troutman's history: In 2004 FBI Questions Troutman's Gang Ties, involving a raid and an arrest of a Marvel Thompson, "King" of the Black Gangster Disciples regarding a letter addressed to Alderwoman Troutman, she hires a Defense Attorney. click here

We also know in Feb. 06 she was involved in trying to honor a Gang member by voting to place his name on a street sign. This was done in an effort to have a entire Chicago City block named after the Black Panther member. She voted in favor of honoring the Gang member and calling that block " Fred Hampton Way." By voting in favor of the sign she demonstrated her support of a gang that advocated killing Cops. The passage of the sign failed, after pressure from Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members and their supporters.

In regard to the shooting of Smith I also located (this article) on the Internet. I find the article to be interesting especially since it's dated Dec 10 which was still Four days away as of the writing of this post and set for the day after Troutman's forum of Dec 9 and just Four days before presenting her Witness Protection Ordinance on Dec. 13 2006. It comes from a site that also claims to have a newspaper known as "The Revolution" below is a portion of what the Revolution has to say about themselves. You need to click on contact at the bottom of their page in order to read the below information.

About Joining the RCP?
The revolutionary movement needs dedicated new communists -- including those eager to join the vanguard party, the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA.
Although this is the website of the newspaper of the RCP, you can't "join the RCP" here online. There are several reasons for that -- but first and foremost because you need to contact the RCP in person to discuss common work, political unity and membership, click below for article.

Does the word AGITATOR seem to match up? Could there be a connection to this post dated article in the Revolution #72 and Troutman's forth coming forum and ordinance which is to be presented before our City Council on Dec. 13th? Do you find it a bit strange to see a post dated story on Smith, now knowing that Troutman has an agenda pending on the Horizon? We do need to add in a final catalyst and that is the fact that Alderwomen Troutman is currently claiming. After Smiths funeral his family "was harassed by the Police and that they encountered intimidation from the Police." Here we see the reason she is going to try and push a Witness Protection Ordinance through. Why? Well, because a Police shooting was ruled JUSTIFIED!

Encarta Dictionary definition of Agitator:
Somebody who attempts to arouse feeling or interest for or against something, especially a political cause. It appears in Troutman's case that political cause is actually Anti-Police.