Monday, December 11, 2006

3 BILLION TO START UP, BILLIONS MORE to follow they don't know how to fund it and it's being called The Dream llinois Universal Health Care program. Its another great Govenor Blagojevich dream, although we may end up tossing and turning and calling his dream our nightmare. There will be a requirement that, well people your required to have it or pay a Tax Penlty. While many Business will earn credits in order to offset their per worker fees in order to subsize the premiums for offering the Insurance. Even though many of the business's will earn the credits for the offset their already screaming, "they will be forced out of Illinois." Hey, Govenor, correct me if I'm wrong were in a deep hole already. Pensions are way underfunded a Judge has ordered you to quit squirting the big bill Illinois has already racked up from your Video unconstitutional dream fiasco. Lets not forget coughing up Legal Defense funds for you as well and lets add in all the other bills to the already boiling pot of the budget. What happened to getting the house in order? You seem to be driving us deeper and deeper into dept. That's not a Dream its called a promised Nightmare.