Tuesday, December 19, 2006


There is a plan brewing: What a title ARROGANT DRIVERS

Wonder if FOP will have a say on this one? No more turning in front of Pederstrians. If only the City would also handle the issue of multitudes of Jay Walkers that also cause accidents. We understand that this change involved a horrific accident in which a young child died but does anyone else think Revenue and Elections are the catalyst behind this change as well. The city says 1 person as a Pedestrian a week is involved in an accident. No where does it discuss Jay Walkers, people cutting out into the streets from between parked cars where the driver has an inability to stop quickly adverting the accident. Not all issues have been addressed here and I'm sure many of us remember the prior Jay Walker issue and citations downtown that went no where. Who was it that said recently Pedestrians have rights too? If were looking for safer streets this needs to be two fold but TMA's many of which are part time with lousy benefits little dedication and minimal training going covert come on now. Would these tickets not be movers and then need additional Officers to cite or is the City forgetting we have a manpower shortage with stacked back logged calls at OEMC (911?) Or are they going to also empower TMA's? Ah yes, stings kinda sounds like the beefed up Traffic Enforcement section that does Wolf Packs. Revenue! I'm beginning to hate Election time!

Mayor Richard Daley named Heramb co-chair of the newly formed Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Council, which will meet in January for the first time.

Officials from the city Transportation Department and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications are working with Chicago Police Department commanders on an approach to carry out stings on motorists who drive dangerously near walkers at hazardous intersections. But the Police Department has not yet committed to using plainclothes officers to pose as pedestrians, said police spokeswoman Monique Bond. It could be city traffic-control aides working with uniformed police, officials said. At first, warning citations will be issued to drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. Tougher steps would follow, officials said.