Friday, December 15, 2006


Today there were Two additional stories which perked my interest and made me question the sanity of reporting.
The First story is a big plus! Al Sharpton and his loud obnoxious Merry Makers are planning a big march down 5th Ave in NY City Sat. but are unable to provide an estimated number? None the less its important to them because its a visible street, I thought all streets were visible? The March is going to be silent "NOW THAT IS A PLUS!" The sign being held behind Sharpton really didn't impact me, maybe the media thought it would? Guess again, the Merry maker was plain lazy about writing out the word CHRISTMAS! X was used long ago when typesetting was expensive and tedious and its been used and accepted by Churches for years. So Sharpton if you were hoping for a shock impact from this reader it didn't work. People don't fall for this bad marketing gimmick, its comical.
The second story is Boeing CEO calling 382,000 stolen confidential records a Petty Theft? Hell, the laptop alone had to be valued over 300.00. Hey, Boeing Petty Theft is a pack of Gum not 382,000 protected records in a laptop! If it was Petty why fire your employee? Why because you apparently failed to have true over site over the data, employee and laptop, which just happened to walk out the door, or did it? No need for concern though Boeing has it all worked out. The Petty Theft per CEO McNerney was not after all directed for the purpose of identity theft? And you know this how? Well pass the BEEF SWIFT!
Bottom line of article says it all! SHARES ROSE 72% TO 90.65
In Boeing's mind it's Petty. After all paying for 3 years of Credit Monitoring over Three Theft incidents in 13 mths alone with alleged fool proof safe guards in place? Is after all a Petty expense for Boeing!