Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Project Quick Facts
Cost: $17 million
Award Winners:Shen Milsom & WilkeKrueck & SextonBarco Media
Wonder what the costs will be to relocate the Cameras at the beckoning of the Politically correct Art arena. I may not be in favor of the camera frenzy going on in Chicago but this is plain whack. Do have to give them credit, they actually buckled Big Brother to move over. Now the blog comment is real interesting.

The cameras were installed as part of a $52 million Department of Homeland Security grant to the Chicago area, and the cameras atop the Plensa-designed Crown Fountain were only two out of about 10 in Millennium Park alone, city officials said.But their location irked the artistically-minded, and bloggers began writing about and posting pictures of them online over the weekend.The Tribune was the first to mention the aesthetic concerns to park managers, Ryan said. "Then we looked around for it (criticism) and we found it, found the blogs."